Counsellor of the Canary Advisory Council. Former Superior Judge of the Supreme Court

PhD in Law by the University of Bologna (Italy). His Doctoral Thesis received the Award Luigi Ravà, granted to the best thesis in Public Law. He is Professor of Administrative Law in the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria since 1991. External evaluator of different journals (among other, the Spanish Public Administration Journal and the Construction Law Journal), and of different institutions (MEC and ANEP). He has also been lecturer in over one hundred conferences all over Spain for all kinds of institutions. Moreover, he has chaired the Departments of Law Sciences and Public Law of the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, and has been member as well of the University Staff Board and its Board of Governors. Additionally he has been (Substitute) Superior Judge in the Administrative Bench of Las Palmas within the Canary Supreme Court. During ten years, he acted as Counsellor of the Canary Advisory Council and as Secretary of its Plenary Sessions. He is Superior Judge of the acknowledged prestige jurist shift of the Third Chamber within the Administrative Bench of the Canary Supreme Court, where he was initially appointed at its Fifth Division (Urbanism and Urban Planning, Environment and Maritime-Terrestrial Public Domain). Later he moved on to its First Division for Cassation Appeal Admissions and next he returned to his initial appointment (where he added to his former competences new ones concerning Forced Expropriation, Pecuniary Responsibility of the State, Legislators and the Administration, Nationality Procedures, Asylum and Immigration, Special Properties, Extradition and Pardons).
Recently, he has been appointed once more as Counsellor for the Canary Advisory Council.