Fundador del Proyecto Ecologing y experto en diseño sostenible y emprendimiento

Industrial Engineer, founder and director of Ecologing since 2009, he is also consultant and part-time lecturer of Ecodesign, Entrepreneurship and Circular Economy in several universities and business schools (EOI, UNIR, UCM, University of Burgos, and IED Madrid, among others).

As a speaker he has inspired thousand of professionals, entrepreneurs, businesspeople and students in hundreds of worldwide events. External expert both for UNEP (Middle East and North Africa region) and UNIDO (Southern Cone), he is mentor of circular entrepreneurship for private institutions and governments. Additionally, he has directed the incubation project Space 51 on Circular Economy at the EOI (Industrial Organization School).

Author and mind shaker, he is creator of the methodological approach called Ecocanvas (2012), which aims to connect sustainable design with the designing of profitable, resilient and techie businesses, catalyzing entrepreneur ecosystems and exploring the new boundaries of responsible businesses. He can certainly be described as a nomad in knowledge and a lover of anthropology, history, sports and adventure travelling.