Cecilia Kindelán Amorrich

PhD in Communication and Member of ICI (Institute of International Cooperation) of RAED (Royal European Academy of Doctors)

PhD. Cecilia Kindelán is a university lecturer. She firmly fosters the power of human connections, and has focused a great part of her research precisely in this professional activity in recent years.

She holds a PhD in Communication and a Degree in Journalism and Law. In addition, she has worked in the IESE Business School as Associate Head of their MBA programme and as Head of their international mobility programme. Formerly she was Vice-Head of the Spanish Managers and Executives Association. After having worked for 10 years in Universia (a high education initiative sponsored by Banco Santander), in 2014 she moved to Canada where she worked for the Saint-Paul University, and from there she went to Ecuador to work as professor and Head of postgraduate studies in the SEK International University.

She has also been General Secretary for the Fundación Excelencia, an organisation formed by 24 Nobel Prize-winners and former heads of government. Furthermore, she is member of the Rosalía Arteaga Women Foundation, where she is involved in education projects for women. She has also participated in numerous national and international forums, where her activity with the Horasis international organisation especially stands out. She has acknowledged experience as organiser for scholar events and has been frequently invited as speaker in discussions with high personalities in the fields of science, economy and politics, both in Spain and abroad.

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