Isidoro Jiménez

Master Cheesemaker

Born in a family of stockbreeders, he became pest control technician by the Canary Government Agriculture Department, but mainly he is a master cheesemaker, one of the main Canary experts in terms of cheese manufacturing.

He has participated in training and advising of multiple cheese producers and factories, of different dimensions. Moreover, he is constantly organising workshops, tasting events and dissemination activities with adults and children in all the Canary Islands, both within conferences and other types of events all over Spain and abroad, where he is an acknowledged expert.

His open mind encourages a direct contact with producers, these being stockbreeders or cheese-makers, as well as the importance of knowing and raising awareness towards this activity, from the careful work it takes feeding the livestock, to all the stages during the procedure of making cheese. Hence, he is proud of praising the respect towards the person behing the product, as he/she shall provide a difference and an identity to the cheese in his/her role of author.

He strongly defends the value of stockbreeding as a sustanaible factor, even for the territory as it contributes to prevent fires and other natural disasters that occasionally hit our islands.

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