John Regefalk

Chef, Head of Culinary Innovation at BCC Innovation, Basque Technological-Culinary Center (AKA Basque Culinary Center)

Born in Sweeden, he has worked as chef for the past 20 years, having spent long stages abroad.

He started his career working on traditional cooking from France and Sweeden, and later on he moved to avant-garde restaurants in different parts of the world.

He counts with experience as chef in such restaurants as Noma in Copenhague (chosen as the best restaurant of the world in 2021), Ryugin in Tokyo y Metamorfosi in Rome.

Currently, he works in the Basque Culinary Center as chef-researcher and as teacher of avant-garde cooking and international gastronomy.

He acts also as gastronomic consultant and has collaborated in several books concerning Italian pizza and breads.

A passionate traveler, lover of the ‘street food’ from all around the world, he is also an amateour photographer and a ‘techno-geeky’.

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