José Luis Bonet Ferrer

President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Having obtained a Cum Laude PhD (with an Extaordinary Award) by the University of Barcelona, José Luis Bonet has spent 49 years as professor of Political Economy and Treasury in the Faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona.

In the business industry, since his appointment in 1966 as Sales Manager for Freixenet, Mr. Bonet has been directly involved in the growth and expansion of this family business, until he finally ended up as president of this group in 1999. Currently he is Honorary President of the Freixenet Group.

Moreover, during 14 years (from 2004 to 2018) he has chaired the Board of Directors of the Barcelona Trade Fair (Fira Internacional de Barcelona). He also remains as Honorary President of the Spanish Renowned Trademarks Forum, after being his President during 16 years.

Since November 2014 he chairs the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, a public law corporation with the aim of representing, promoting and defending the general interests of Spain’s society and its companies.

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