Pedro Rodríguez Dios


Born in Los Realejos (Tenerife), he started in the famous restaurant El Duende, where he has mainly achieved some desserts that have become a great reference. His curious and nonconformist nature has led him to an ongoing training and development both in the Canary Archipelago and abroad.

Considered by specialized journalists as one of the best Canary chefs, he proves a sound comand of cooking techniques that he has successfully adapted to local products and flavours.

He practices modern cooking, of extreme difficulty, which is basically based on an apparent simplicity of flavours with a subtle sophistication.

Co-author of several works, among which the following stand out: Cocina de Canarias La Evolución (Canary Cooking: Its Evolution), Cocina de Canarias La Tradición (Canary Cooking: Its Tradition), Maridajes Dulces Canarios (Pairing of Canary Confectionery) …

Currently, he is running his own bakery named PEDRO RODRÍGUEZ POSTRES, where he designs and produces exclusive desserts for each customer.

He also collaborates and teaches all his experience in our Canary Archipelago through courses, workshops, tasting and food pairing events, as well as advising events, both in his own facilities and in other important premises such as in Hecansa (Canary hotel training centers).

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