Rafael Barrientos Perdomo & Maria Adrover Riera

Head and Deputy Chefs of the Restaurant Andreu Genestra

They develop a wholehearted commitment towards sustainable cooking, combined with the use of local products. All this has contributed to the achievement of a Michelin Star. Additionally, they have achieved a Green Star, for their respect and commitment towards sustainability and the circular economy.

Due to the fact that the international gastronomic world is experimenting a greater environmental awareness, the Michelin Guide decided to launch this new Green Star seal, during its French edition of 2020, in order to identify sustainable restaurants.

However, this award not only identifies those restaurants that follow recommendable environmental practices, but it also acknowledges the work that chefs and their teams are developing to take care of our planet.

This acknowledgement has been already implemented in thirteen countries and now it has started in the Spanish and Portuguese editions too.
Awarded with 1 Michelin-Guide star and 2 Repsol-Guide suns, the restaurant Andreu Genestra is the maximum representation of this pairing: Mediterranean products combined with the most sophisticated cooking techniques.

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