Rasa Strankauskaite


Born in Klaipeda (Lithuania), her relationship with the Canary Islands started through her aunt, who became a resident due to her marriage to a Canary man. Her aunt told her about shared ways of living, in the food, in festivities… this stimulated her curiosity for visiting the islands and she fell in love with the landscape, its people and its culture. For all these reasons, she decided to stay for good.

She has become one of the best sommeliers of the Canary Islands. During her wine tastings, she uses a non-pretentious poetic language that pictures all her passion for wines.

According to her, Canary wines are closely related to the land and the people that farm the soil and inhabit there, i.e. these wines carry the suffering, the volcanoes, the strength, the kindness, the tender caring and the setbacks too.

Wine, sun, sea, pure life.

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