Javier Melero

CEO of Aumentur, professor and researcher at The University of Granada

Javier Melero is a professor of Computer Languages and Systems at The University of Granada (UGR), and researcher of The Andalusian Institute of Data Science and Computer Intelligence (DasCI). His main areas of focus are the 3D Technology applied to cultural and historical heritage as well as data science and artificial intelligence applied to business and tourism. He has been Under-director for Entrepreneurship at The University of Granada and Head of the joint International Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Biosalud.

He is founding partner and scientific advisor of AgeO 3D Tech, which is a spin-off, of The University of Granada, created in 2007 for the spread of new heritage technologies.

He currently leads the Aumentur startup. It is a smart tourism platform that allows destinations to offer multimedia information about their points of interest to visitors in an agile, efficient and economical way.

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