Christopher Pissarides

Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2010. Expert in the Future of Work and the Impact of Technology in Labour Markets

Lecturer Sir Christopher Pissarides is well known for being awarded with the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2010, jointly with Dale Mortensen from the Northwestern University (U.S.A.) and Peter Diamond from the MIT (U.S.A.). They were corecipients for their outstanding work in the analysis of markets with search frictions. In 2005, Pissarides had already become the first European economist in winning the IZA Prize in Labour Economics.

Currently, he is Regius Professor of Economics at the famous London School of Economics. Besides, he is Professor of European Studies at the University of Cyprus, Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Chairman of the National Economy Council of the Republic of Cyprus. Lecturer Christopher Pissarides studied in the University of Essex and in the London School of Economics (LSE). He has mostly developed his career in the LSE, although he has also been visiting professor in the American universities of Harvard, Princeton and Berkeley in California.

Christopher is specialized in labour market economics, macroeconomics, economic growth and structural change. Pissarides is also a regular contributor writing both in professional journals and in the press, being frequently mentioned in the latter for issues concerning the Euro zone and the future of European integration. Moreover, as author he outstands for his book Equilibrium Unemployment Theory, which has created a great influence in the economics of unemployment. This book has been translated to numerous languages and is considered a world reference.

Lately, lecturer Christopher Pissarides has focused a great part of his research work on the “future of work”, i.e., in what ways technologies like AI, Big Data and robotics are going to impact on labour markets. These issues are of great interest, since they are going to deeply affect work and the future of current jobs.

Pissarides is Fellow of the British Academy, Member of the Academy of Athens and Member of the European Academy. As lecturer, he is also lifelong Foreign Honorary Member of the American Economic Association. In 2011 he was elected as President of the European Economic Association and was granted with the Grand Cross of the Republic of Cyprus. Sir Christopher Pissarides was named Knigh Bachelor of the United Kingdom in 2013 by Queen Elizabeth II, for his great and important contributions to understanding the economy of unemployment and economics in general.

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