Their Majesties, the King and the Queen of Spain

Honorary Presidency
(to be confirmed)


Héctor Gómez Hernández

Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism (To be confirmed)

Jéssica del Carmen de León Verdugo

Regional Minister for Tourism and Employment of the Government of the Canary Islands

Marco Aurelio Pérez Sánchez

Mayor-President of the Town Council of the Villa de San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Antonio Morales Méndez

President of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria

Lluis Serra Majem

Rector of the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (Spain)

Abdelaziz Bendou

Rector Magfco. of Ibn-Zohr-Agadir University, Morocco

Juan Manuel Benítez

Chairman of the Forum Organizing Committee and Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism of the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria

Inaugural Conference

Jéssica del Carmen de León Verdugo

Regional Minister for Tourism and Employment of the Government of the Canary Islands

The potential to develop luxury tourism

Carlos Díez de la Lastra

CEO Les Roches – University of Les Roches

Cristina Borges de Carvalho

Marketing Manager Puente Romano Beach Resort – Nobu Hotel Marbella

Natalia Martínez Páramo

Head of Unit for the Executive Agency for SME’s, European Commission

Hotel architecture adapted to climate change and health

Agustín Viera Ramírez

Medical Dermatologist – Clínica Canarias Dermatológica

Juan Palop-Casado

Founder and director of LPA Studio office

Sebastián Sansó Marrero

Managing Director of the San Roque University Hospitals


Jéssica del Carmen de León Verdugo

Regional Minister for Tourism and Employment of the Government of the Canary Islands

Jafar Jafari

Director-Founder of Annals of Tourism Research

Pilar Crespo

Regional Manager Spain & Portugal at

Pere Granados Carrillo

Mayor of Salou and President of the Alliance of Sun and Beach Tourist Municipalities of Salou Beach

The current economic situation

José Ramón Díez Guijarro

Head of International Markets and Economies in Caixabank

The power of Artificial Intelligence in tourism

Carlos Sentís

Chief Executive Officer of WIA (World Innovation Alliance)

Jacques Bulchand

Professor of Digital Business and Tourism and Director of User-Oriented Digitalisation at the ULPGC

David Morales Déniz

President of Skal International of Gran Canaria

The renovation of shopping centres in tourist destinations

Alejandro Marichal Ramos

Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Town Planning, Heritage, Patrimonial Liability and Housing of the Town Council of the Town of San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Jean Susi

President Community Commercial CC Annex II

Antonio Garzón Beckman

Tourist Consultant and Founder of NutriHotel

New perspectives for the development of the tourist use of dwellings in the Canary Islands

Rafael Fernández Valverde

Formerly a Supreme Court Judge. Currently Expert in Urban Planning and Environment – Montero Aramburu

María Gracia Pedrero Balas

Director General for Building and Activities, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Martínez

Director General for Organisation, Training and Tourism Promotion of the Canary Islands Government

Manuel Florido

Director of Santa Monica Suites Hotel

The hotel and catering industry in Spain today the challenges of the tourism sector

José Luis Yzuel

President of Spanish Confederation of Hotel and Catering Businesses

Lola Rodríguez de Azero

CEO of Senda Ecoway

Keys to the future of the global tourism sector: technology and employment

Julia Simpson

CEO and President of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

Águeda Borges

Vice-President of the Federation of Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs of Las Palmas (FEHT)

The recovery and the future of tourism: Technology, customer experience and new trends customer experience and new trends

Lucía Méndez-Bonito

CEO of B&B Hotels Spain and Portugal

Laura Meyer

CEO of Hotelplan Group

Jesús Nuño De La Rosa

CEO Air Europa

Óscar Ramos

Senior Director Asset Management at HIP Hotel Investment Partners

Keys to banking in the development of tourist destinations: The Dominican Republic a case of success a case of success

Juan Manuel Martín de Oliva García

Corporate Vice President of the Tourism Sector Banco Popular of the Dominican Republic

Manuel Gruñeiro

Director of Expansion at Be Cordial Hotels & Resorts

2023 Tourinews Awards “The Value of Tourism”

Legend Award

Mr. Miguel Fluxà, Chairman of the Iberostar Group

Innovation Award

Baleària – Mr. Adolfo Utor, president

Tourism Destination Award

Canary Islands Tourism – Ms. Jéssica de León, Canary Islands Tourism Councillor

“A plus for Tourism” Award

Agbar Group – Mr. Ángel Simón, President

Award for Business Excellence

Hotel Hacienda de Abajo – Mr. Enrique Luis Larroque, owner

Social Commitment Award

Nos Movemos Foundation – Mr. Óscar Díaz, president

Editor’s Special Prize

Ms. Isabel García Bardón, honorary president of Fuerte Group Hotels

Closing Ceremony of the XI International Tourism Forum Maspalomas Costa Canaria
Jafar Jafari’s Recommendations for revitalising a mature destination like the Canaries

Jafar Jafari

Director-Founder of Annals of Tourism Research