Agustín Viera Ramírez

Medical Dermatologist – Clínica Canarias Dermatológica

Dr. Agustín Viera Ramírez is a distinguished medical professional with an outstanding career in the field of medical-surgical dermatology and venereology. His achievements and contributions in this field are remarkable, which has led him to occupy key positions and receive significant recognition throughout his career.

Dr. Viera is the CEO of Canarias Dermatológica S.L., a company that reflects his commitment to dermatology and high quality medical care.
In addition, he plays an essential role as Coordinating Dermatologist at Clínica CanariasDerma and Clínica CapMédica in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he brings to bear his expertise and leadership in the field of dermatology.

His influence extends beyond the clinics, as Dr. Agustín Viera Ramírez is Vice-President of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) and patron of the Fundación Piel Sana, both positions that demonstrate his commitment to the promotion and advancement of dermatology in Spain.

Dr. Viera has been consistently recognised for his excellence in private medicine, having received the prestigious Top Doctor Awards on multiple occasions from 2016 to 2022. This award highlights his outstanding work as one of the top 50 highest rated Spanish doctors in private medicine.

In addition to his medical practice and commitment to excellence, Dr. Agustín Viera Ramírez has also been honoured with the 2015 Canary Islands Award for Business Excellence, awarded by the Government of the Canary Islands in recognition of his contribution to the business and medical field in the region.

Highlighting his commitment to skin and community health, Dr. Agustín Viera Ramírez is the promoter and coordinator of “Las Palmas Ciudad Dermosaludable”, an initiative supported by the Fundación Piel Sana AEDV. Over the years, this initiative has contributed significantly to promoting skin health in the city and beyond.

For all these reasons, we can affirm that Dr. Agustín Viera Ramírez’s career in medical-surgical dermatology and venereology is a testament to his dedication and expertise in this field, as well as his commitment to medical excellence and community health. His leadership and contributions continue to leave a positive mark on dermatology in Spain and around the world, making him a leading speaker at national and international dermatology congresses, where he shares his experience and knowledge with the global medical community.

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