Tupa Rangel

Coordinator of the Programme for Reducing Plastic Pollution within the Save The Med Foundation

Born in Caracas (Venezuela), she grew up between the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the shores of the Orinoco River. There, her sensitivity for the link between culture, water and life awoke.

Tupa is a cultural agent and a Graduate in Graphic Arts. She has developed her career in the design industry, combining this with her work managing cultural projects and action initiatives to achieve social changes in Venezuela, Spain and Indonesia, where she has been appointed as Chargé d’Affairs in the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Since 2018 she is member of the Save The Med Foundation, where she develops the aim of fostering and designing projects that can provide answers to the urgent need of transcending the prevailing “use and throw away” consuming model, which is seriously damaging life in our planet.

The driving force of her activity consists of thinking, designing and imagining possible futures that may act as a levers of the regeneration of natural, economic and social ecosystems.

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