Manager and Founder of Sublimotion

Graduate in Audiovisual Communication Advanced Studies in Madrid. He started working as product designer for the brand Real Madrid Football Club, but after three years his interest for producing shows and events made him open in 2001 his first company for family events. Soon this initiative became the current Vega Factory S.L.

During these past 20 years, the concept of ‘live events’ has been the communication format that has occupied all his passion and creativity. He has been responsible for the art direction in big shows and productions, corporate events for multinationals, social events, road shows, private parties, board of directors, opening ceremonies, concerts and festivals…

Thanks to this wide experience he has achieved a global vision concerning the mise-en-scene, technology, protocol, planning, design, production, rythm… and ultimately, all the possibilites involved in a live communication.

After meeting Chef Paco Roncero during 2012, when they coincided during the organisation of a great musical event, they started working together, thus giving birth to the concept Sublimotion, a gastronomic performance that combines gastronomy, technology and a careful staging. During 2014, Sublimotion opened in Ibiza for the first time, within the Palladium Group and the Chef, where he has been Co-Founder and CEO ever since. In year 2019, the pop-up Sublimotion Rihad opened, carrying this gastronomic performance to the capital of Saudi Arabia

Journalist of articles on shows and events for: Vanity Fair, IP Mark and Protocolo Editorial.

Guest speaker in: ‘International Protocol Conference’ Valladolid (Spain), ‘FiturTech’ IFEMA Madrid (Spain), and ‘Cross Industry Innovation Summit’ NASA Houston (U.S.A.).