Heredina Fernández Betancort

Lecturer of the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria

PhD in psychology, is teacher in the Department of Economics and Business Management (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and psychology in Public Health Service in Spain. She has been Coordinator of Research, Development and Innovation in the University Center for Tourism Studies in Lanzarote. Her research interest is framed in tourism, psychological and social impact, informal learning in heritage sites and museums, and ICT during more than 20 years. She has won two awards related with labour health by the Canary Islands government and Dr. Negrín Hospital. Chairman of the Conference about Health and Tourism in Sustainable Destinations (Lanzarote, 2017-2022).

Editor in scientific e-journals (Pasosonline), co-author in the Encyclopedia of Tourism (Jafari, Jafar, Xiao, Honggen (Eds.), 2016). Co-author with Santana-Talavera, A. Fernández Betancort (2014), Times of Tourism”, Tourism as an Instrument for Development: A theoretical and Practical Study (Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice, vol.5), Emerald Group Publishing, based on the study case of Lanzarote. She has participated in several national and international projects, Co-editor of a special issue of the International Journal of Web Based Communities. Coeditor of Special Issue Revisiting the First Charter for Sustainable Tourism: Looking Ahead in a Shifting World. PASOS, Rev. de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural, 13(6) 2015.

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